Effortless Email Authentication

Maximize Control and Flexibility with SPF Macro Expansion

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Secure Your Communications

At SPFXIO, we understand the challenges of managing an expanding list of third-party senders and the limitations of traditional SPF methods.

That’s why we’ve developed our innovative SPF Macro Expansion platform.

With our platform, you can easily authorize an unlimited number of third-party SPF senders and customize your SPF policy on a per-sender basis.

Take control of your email authentication.

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What You Get

Overcome and Fix SPF 10 Lookup Limit

Customizable SPF policies on a per-sender basis

Easy authorization of third-party SPF senders

DMARC Policy Management & Reporting

Near-Real-Time Global Visibility into Email Fraud

Managed Service or SaaS Delivery Models

Exceptional Customer Service

“Missing, poor, or otherwise erroneous SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configurations increase likelihood that fraudulent emails will be delivered.  spfXio.com  solves a major problem that many organizations struggle with by improving controls against email spoofing and phishing attacks.”


Tony D., DiMichele Cyber Strategies.

SPF Lookup Limits

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) defines a limit of only 10 DNS lookups that may be initiated while evaluating a domains SPF record.  This limit is quickly breached given increased dependencies on SaaS platforms and third-parties sending email on behalf of an organization’s domain.  Exceeding the SPF Lookup limit causes authentication errors at the email receiver and increases risks associated with fraudulent email spoofing.  Our state of the art platform solves the SPF lookup limit in a unique way that allows support for a virtually unlimited number of authorized senders while providing near-real-time-global visibility into emails sent  on behalf-of your domain.

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